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WNDRR lives and breathes within the thriving landscape of the Australian hip-hop and streetwear scene, continually paying homage to classic looks from an unforgettable golden era while casting an eye to the future of urban fashion.

The unique name, WNDRR (pronounced as ‘wanderer’), comes from a fierce desire for freedom, travelling, and a love of a nomadic lifestyle.

The garments boast a unique and clever style that draws heavily from its team’s experiences around life and travel. It is influenced substantially by fashion observed on the streets of Europe while also paying tribute to the classic 90’s California streetwear that WNDRR’s founders grew up wearing.

As WNDRR’s core values centre around diversity, experimentation and durability, every garment expresses not only the brand but also art, life, and acceptance. The team wants the customer wearing their products to feel like the clothing emanates these qualities.

Ever-changing and continually moving with the times, yet looking back to those classic hip-hop influences, WNDRR have solidified a unique streetwear brand that appeals to almost everyone while never locking itself down to a singularly definable style.

With no sign of slowing down, WNDRR has big plans for the future, with significant collaborations and expansions in the works.